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Welcome Wilderness Travelers and Explorers!

This is the start of a new journey for me, I hope you will drop by from time to time to read my blog. The following essay begins to explain where I hope this venture takes me:

From the very moment years ago when I read my first issues of Orion I grew to realize that those pages held the apex of modern expression in trying to explain and explore  the connections we all have to our home place and the wider earth.  So out of this inspiration I have since struggled to explore my personal sense of connection to place. Meaning I came to the realization that just to be outside and in the moment, inspired by witnessing natures mysteries was not enough, to find deeper meaning I would have to begin a different kind of journey. Many grand events or struggles in nature are only deemed awe inspiring if they are witnessed by man, kind of like “if a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound…” , therefor my inspiring natural experiences were not real or were not connected to me unless I found a way to “save” them from being lost to the seasons of memory.

Time and again I have come upon an epiphany triggered only through the process of traveling across a wild landscape. The possibilities for expression of thoughts and knowledge opened to me by experiencing the simplest of natural events are vast. I once had a goal to learn the names of every form of flora and fauna I encountered in my journeys across Idaho’s wilderness. But this pales in comparison to the meaning within those creatures and how they relate to each other and myself. And this meaning changes every day! This is astounding to me and I want others to be astounded and hopefully inspired to protect their special place of wonder as well.

Time spent in wilderness has taught me to appreciate a tiny insect as it drinks from a raindrop perched on a leaf and wonder of its body is nourished or harmed by the waters invisible molecules. However in writing about such experiences I hope to uncover and understand the wider ripple effects of this tiny yet vastly interconnected interaction of species. i.e.. Does this raindrop likely carry a harmful witches brew of chemicals from some smelter a continent away? For me, the essence of expressing these witnessed connections and all they bring to bear on the minds eye are best nourished by engaging with other like minded explorers. I want not only to improve my skills as a writer, but to learn what and how others perceive natures mysteries and gifts. Hopefully in doing so my growth as a writer and human being will transfer into becoming a more eloquent advocate for the natural world. I can think of no other setting to better my skills as a writer, thus expanding my creativity and sharpening my resolve to share in this wonderful experience. This BLOG is for my growth and hopefully a sharpening of knowledge and understanding for those in touch with the wider wildness outside, both near and far. So remember these famous words and I hope you will get out more often.

I only went out for a walk, and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in. – from John of the Mountains: The Unpublished Journals of John Muir edited by Linnie Marsh Wolfe, (Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 1938, republished 1979, page 439.

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