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Owyhee Headwaters

The smell of Juniper and Sage will be accompanying Scott and myself next week. We plan on a very early backpack in the headwaters of the stunning high desert sage brush steppe country known affectionately as The Owyhee Canyonlands. The 517K acres with 300+ miles of Wild and Scenic River corridors was designated last year as Idaho’s only official wilderness since 1980. It is our goal to find the origins of the N. Fork of this namesake river. Should be a difficult scramble over rocky basalt outcrops covered in ancient Juniper, Mt. Mahogany and artemesia as thick as dog hair. If all goes as planned we will follow Currant Creek upstream to its headwaters first and then go a mile or so West across a large plateau to find the N. Fork. Once we find it we’ll follow it until it becomes a trickle. Stay tuned for photos and the story.

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