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Children, and others, if you come Ill show you something strange in here The City of Halloween! And so forth. Yes, just three days left for the big Halloween, and before you come to me with the ditty That party is American and Im not absorb their customs, I wish some of you look at Google what the hell is the Samhain . Anyway, for those who are not a bitter and celebrate the holidays, whatever, we can continue with what concerns us here: Halloween and, of course, the perfect game to celebrate. Because not all leave the house to get cold bitch disguised pumpkin, right?

Lets face it, many of us are a rat children. We hate to our friends and we believe there is no better company than our console or your computer. And were not wrong! On the night of October 31 may be passed in many ways, and the catalog of games of yesterday and today is broad enough to ignore that there is life beyond the screen.

Finally, there is a very wide range within the horror genre and more complete if we open to Halloween games because the issue goes beyond the fear. Witches, ghosts, pumpkins Not everything has to be terror and blood, even humor can pull something like this celebration. With this in mind and with the overwhelming number of titles which could draw from all this, it is very difficult to list all games for Halloween, so Ill focus on two for the nostalgic, three in 2015 for consoles and PC. .. and one for phones and tablets, why not. We begin: Trick or treat?

Bruges nostalgic night

Regardless of video games that can speak then of the two starting list, I want to start with a couple who already have their years. Like the best wines, the game viejunos earn over time, although some is better to keep them in memory and not rejugarlos not take disappointments. Anyway, we started talking about a couple of mini games outside the classification that I have made of computers and consoles. That is, the two nostalgic. Come on, you know what I mean. Leave me alone.


Many classic Halloween. For example, there is no Halloween Hocus Pocus (or The Return of the Witches, as we know this masterpiece in Spain) and there is no Halloween without Nightmare Before Christmas. And, although the success of Tim Burton also has game, I preferred to go retro retro (though we can already celebrate his remastering), so my chosen to represent the retro Halloween is none other than Grim Fandango.

Yes, Grim Fandango is not scary, nor should I give to be a classic Halloween. See, we are in the world of the dead on All Souls Day, there is nothing more to add. Inspired by the Aztec underworld, is the perfect title for October 31, and who has played knows why. Who has not played in addition to deserve death, I do not know what the hell is waiting.

In the last great game Lucas Art we get into the skin of Manny Calavera. Well, okay, no skin, only bones, but that does not matter. His four-year journey towards the Ninth Hell has created a school (or should have made, if adventure games have not been forgotten. I hope that in this new revival we are experiencing now get to see a bit the essence of Grim Fandango). The title, released in 1998 for PC, has since last January its remastering sale. In your hands you are to choose the classic or modern.


Who you gonna call?

How could it be otherwise, Ghostbusters had to be on the short list. It is the best way to realize that Halloween is more than just screams and terror. Nothing like a game to live up to the movies, but came out much later. Ghostbusters: The Video Game was released in 2009 as a platform (although for some it came sooner than others), while the film was released in 1984. Come on, for one thing I was not born and to the other and I was getting old . Just kidding, I was in the prime of life and the game could not come at a better time.

In this game we are the protagonist. No, we are neither Veckman or Zeddmore. Nor Egon. We are not even Stantz. Ourselves, representing the new recruit to accompany the comic quartet in his uphill battle against the evil spirits of the Beyond. The story takes place after the events of the second film, settling a quintet that will travel around New Yotk killing all spectral energy. Our character actually is a mindundi, since all the jokes and comments left in the hands of the four protagonists of the movies, as it should be. Still, the title deserves, and far off.

Although if I had my way retro list would be fucking long, pass on to something else. However, I mention well above other games, although they are not quite retro, are either of 2015. For example, we can not talk about the night of the living dead without The Walking Dead, Dead Island or even Limbo. Hits a little indie mention monochrome, but, considering that Limbo is one plane between the world of the living and the world of the dead, then, hey, it is not as out of place in a night like Halloween.

I can not forget another horror classic as is already Amnesia. The horror is horror if you live in first person, right? For Amnesia scare insurance leads, it is becoming a game that is best played by day and, if possible, in the company. And I mention this work of Frictional Games, I think we have to first release the second part of the list.


The fear twisted

Frictional Games strikes again this year with SOMA, a game that barely a month old in the market and now has the best reviews. No wonder, because in this new title of horror and science fiction, the Swedes have touched us even more chord. In a dark world, surrounded by monstrous creatures, the least scares is what is around. And that SOMA scarier by what we own, reaching beyond our mind for the small detail that there are bugs that will kill us.
Heres the real terror, in true Lovecraftian style. The psychological fear is the best weapon we could have a game of this style, which makes it a perfect match SOMA for Halloween. No more ghosts and vampires, lets the scariest part of all that make up the world, even our own mind.
A blockbuster
But for those who dare not with the gift he left us Frictional Games, we have something softer. Yeah, well, softer. Until Dawn has been a success in several ways. On the one hand, it has succeeded as a game; but on the other, it has also made as a movie. And they have been many players who have shared their game via Youtube or streaming, and many were also the spectators.
The title, created by Supermassive Games and the production of Sony in the shadow, tells the story of a group of guys who spend the night in the woods, a way to honor a friend, now deceased. Yes, it is very that Americana commemorate the death anniversary of a party leaving the forest, especially if we add the small detail of serial murderer. But the American blend work and, fortunately, not left us a Scary Movie.
Best of Until Dawn is that we have two ways to enjoy it. We can play alone or in company like any other game of terror, or we can see it like a movie. Also in the company, yes. More than anything because then when you go to bed and you just do not sleep making you poop. But thats what Halloween, right?
Even more Lovecraft
A I would have liked to put another game in the list, but Mr. Young has threatened to kill me and forced me to choose Bloodborne. It is that my dear friend was poop in the pants to play, and, well, just for aesthetics this is a game that deserves a place in this makeshift list.

Of the twisted creators of Dark Souls comes something even more twisted through greater difficulty. Yes, it could be more difficult, and over a scene out of Penny Dreadful. Or, for those who have not seen the series (which I definitely recommend), we will leave a kind of Victorian London very scary. Specifically, we are in the fictional town of Yharnam, a place of Gothic and decrepit, known for its advances in medicine using blood as the main tool. It may not give as much fear or Soma Until Dawn, but the look of the game and the tension that builds up makes a work of Lovecraft Bloodborne converted into video game, another perfect to celebrate Halloween corner.And now, the bullshitBecause not everything is game, there are also applications that we can use to have fun on Halloween and their previous days. For the trolls of the house (which child-rata Rubius fan sounds that), I recommend a fairly entertaining chorradilla that can be used without it October 31. Buttershy Studios, a Spanish indie specialized in developing applications and games for Android, has created Funny phone prank (yes, well, not given a name beyond something that was easy to find in the search box), a entertaining app that helps us to scare our friends.What does it consist of? Just program the phone with an image, choose among many horrifying images, and sound, among which is the typical cry of a woman or a crying baby. Choose picture, choose Sound, mobile software and pass it to a colleague who innocently gets to watch a video of kittens until ZAS. It takes a little scare and also mobile takes a picture. Yes, it is silly and maybe a bit childish, but I have already thought of doing it to more than one and I know it will work.And with that were done. It could make you a list of Top Ten games Halloween 2015 but did not want it to be something that is repeated in all of the websites that you visit. Ill settle for this personal recommendation, certainly among the few that I have said, I will draw some attention. If not, then to go out dressed as Zombie, and pussy.

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