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I would have eight years old the first time I put him in the thong a dollar bill to a stripper. I remember the impact that caused me to discover the breasts and shake them in front of my face. Apart from this, I have many more memories of Duke Nukem 3D, because Ive never come to play well, that is, from beginning to end, until now. Yes I remember the satanic chapel of the third level of the first episode, the halls of alienesca inspiration ah, and the bosses, of course. Now that I have my new interactive experience with the first two Doom, I found very consistent to take the step forward and resume the relationship with Duke.

A few days ago with some friends was the eternal debate about the PC and consoles, and one of them kept emphasizing the value of all the consoles as we had been given in the past. Regardless of that discussion, the idea of ​​considering the games of the past as something better is not new, but its affect when retake them. The place where you were happy you should not try to come back, said a ubetense, and can be applied perfectly to video games. There have to be remembered as, and many, in fact, do not reach our expectations and we are too easy, or difficult, or banal, or repetitive, or simply too well known to really enjoy.


Somehow I was convinced I was going to come up with something similar to Duke Nukem 3D. I thought to have lived eight years with a game that prides itself on allowing fire a rocket at a porn cinema screen, or encouraging us to take one of those cubicles pajilleros a sex shop would have undermined my ability to reason. Luckily, you can rest assured: Duke Nukem 3D remains one of the greatest luminaries in the genre of first person shooter and bucking, still without rival in many respects. The privilege to suggest that Captain Picard of the Enterprise has a private room to find the solitary pleasure is also allowed. Oh, and by aliens having belly.

But, do we need to return to the putis and lunar stations at this point? Yes of course! You see, the first thing that surprised me to walk about aquesta dollars was the simplicity of design levels. Current shooting games have a lot more complex than it needs to be a level concept. Yes, the mechanics have been extended and other experiences are sought, but if you look at one of the maps Duke will find that most of them consisting of a single building or a street with a couple of them, solid structures with a scheme architectural intricacies of which we got to learn as if it were real sites.


Duke Nukem 3D is still adheres to the trend levels mounted with several areas that can only be accessed with access cards colors, and say what you will, but this approach has some freedom that modern shooters do not understand book , seem not to want to stop and look at the map or simply developers are afraid to propose levels in offices, restaurants sushi, porn studio, etc. Instead-and this quote Max Payne current shooting games tend to be a linear succession of scares. So I think that the best standards should always proceed in recognizable places, so I think the second episode of the game, the episode that takes place in space is the least memory and remember.

But enough about the level design, which is the fuckin Duke Nukem, also known as the stump uncle of video games. Exactly, we turn now to the issue of interactivity. Do you remember the principle of Prey? That first level allowed us to tinker around and more: the jukebox, switches, faucet, watch TV It was wonderful! Then came the aliens and steal our magic and our interactive girlfriend (but thats a story to be discussed in another MGReplay). With far more limited resources, Duke Nukem 3D is still one of the highest expressions of the interaction levels, and still find it cool. Lights, urinals, activated with shooting, billiards, ladies night, monitors tele No wonder we head exploded in 1996 with the Switches.

Many of these elements are repeated throughout the game, but its a mindset that people knew 3D Realms also applied to the design level off: as the slots for casting bombs to other rooms, sinks leading to flooded tunnels, automated hooks that moved bodies here and there, etc. The game is surprising constantly and consistently, and all without getting into the issue of secret areas that give us encounters with other franchise or game without any kind of scruples, for example, cover command of the Starship Enterprise, the battleship Independence Day or dead versions of Indiana Jones, Terminator or the Marine Doom.


Then we have the weapons of Duke, that are unmatched. Only the pipe bomb is a weapon righteous divine coming from heaven. What a glorious moment expected to press the red button to hear the slaughter and watch fly eyes and dentures. It is the art of giving freedom to the player made weapon. The ice beam, moreover, remains the only weapon of ice whose mechanical interaction is not a suckling pig. Special weapons, those that cause various effects to the direct killing, brilliant ideas often end up being badly carried out, but in the case of weapons of Mr. Nukem, the collection is really useful against hordes of enemies very balanced. Thats another: the enemies have fearsome designs. The floating aliens still give me nightmares, and few there who can not get in trouble if we are not careful.

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