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The other day, our Alisia Dragoon Mundogamers, Kysu a pretty cool text is marked on the 27 birthday of Mega Drive -25 in our country, in which he remembered his youth, very young men, at the controls of one Sega Genesis and renamed by then were their favorite titles.

Anyway, thinking about thinking about your text, I realized things, many things. Passing the article helped me to learn a little more to my partner and understand some personality traits. Do they influence the game in the persons personality or rather opted for certain games depending on our personality? The truth is that neither know, nor irrelevant. What it comes to is that, from the beginning, the various gaming platforms have always been imbued with its own personality and his ideas, and if you think about it, thats very interesting Well.

The personality of gaming platforms.

You can go back to the days of 8-bit computers or 70 arcade machines, I inluso to those early consoles Baer and Bushnell -cuadrados- who made his first steps to bring the fun home. When the truth each company had its own way of creating. Even though there multiplatform game, there were always differences, little touches of class, showing what every great company seemed important.
Since the difference between the cabins where we enjoyed the games to the way of inviting us to play, from the levers and buttons that were as different as day and night until the position of the screen or decoration game companies like Irem Taito Corp., Namco, Konami and of course, SEGA, marking its position, its position in the field of an arcade room.

Personality at homeHowever, the personality in the arcade was no more a matter of advertising, promotion, to demonstrate his own style. Be domestic platforms which would start a real war of popularity with a fight of styles that have little to envy the duel Zoolander models.Since its beginnings in philosophy Nolan Bushnell and Atari console in your home become a disaster drawer in which everything worth and future of this philosophy 8-bit computers invade the homes of gamers would feed time. Already in the 80 we would find the tireless struggle between Spectrum, the cheap gaming platform gameplay which prevailed over everything; MSX, which would give greater importance to graphics and an even greater importance care games with history; pontentes and Amstrad CPC and Commodore who then used their potential to apabullarnos impressive graphics with incredible palette of 32 colors and 64 giving the game a different depth.

80-90 consoles

The war soon began to provide computer users with labels, especially after the birth of Amiga and PC, they were a more mature than the 8-bit computer entertainment. More mature-themed games, better graphics, story Soon the canon of the fun history maturity playability of which start drinking newcomers consoles Nintendo and SEGA was established.

The first 8-bit NES took little in demand label gameplay primarily pure entertainment titles and more infantile character, while his opponent, Sega Master System, would soon try to offer the other side of the coin games more aggressive cut less naive and more willing to bypass censorship by then had established the great N.

With Super Nintendo and Mega Drive the thing was already institutionalized: Nintendo had a chubby plumber with a mustache who had to save a princess, SEGA a blue hedgehog with cool sneakers that he was facing an evil evil genius was capturing animals of the forest to converting them into evil robots and conquer the world. Mario grabbed a pen and became raccoon to fly, he caught Sonic rings, was making a habit and, wham, he became Super Saiyan giving milk and bread

And the same was repeated in almost all the games in the catalog of both consoles: Aladdin had a sword in SEGA machine while in Nintendo was dedicated to turning enemies, The Warlock had a spell that made cojonudos exploit the rock in Mega Drive, Super Nintendo while throwing balls and not let loose blood enemies, but green gelatin. And do not make me talk about Splatterhouse.



Other times, same philosophy

And it was repeated in future generations. Nintendo found his style and was able to work wonders without leaving aside his abuelil ideology, Sega continued in its attempt to become a more console adult, and then entered the game Sony and things went wrong for SEGA . Saturn was unable to compete with Playstation on the same terms, and the company stepped back and decided to create the average point was missing in their struggle, and that was called Dreamcast.
But by then things had changed, and Nintendo was giving a radical turn to his philosophy that games end up giving more adult court and, above all, mature. Still he is keeping one hand his naive aesthetic in many titles, but on the other began to exert pressure Gamecube and titles such as The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Majoras Mask or, of course, Resident Evil 4, which was a blow to competition until its release on PlayStation 2.
At that time, the war over who could surround more markets was intense. Having four consoles on the market with four companies bidding to claim victory, he tried to add new tags to the personality of each platform.
SEGA Dreamcast was really interesting titles like Shenmue, Sonic Adventures, Blue Stinger Head Hunter or Omikron: The Nomad Soul. Carefully crafted games with an adult tranfondo who refused to abandon these bright colors of blue skies and attractive worlds they had mastered. Unfortunately his career ended too soon and had to give up and go away.
Nintendo Gamecube the upper hand with Resident Evil 4 was, but continued ofeciendo turn its most naive and playable side with icons lifelong those fantastic RPGs joined two of the most beloved Zeldas of the saga.
Microsoft Xbox broke late and wrong, but soon proved as the more mature console with a catalog of great power and exclusives from the likes of Fable, and Rare buying your loved Conker: Bad Furry Day, Direct PC ports as Knights of the Old Republic, Jade Empire fantastic and very powerful shooters like Black. It was more like PC console of the moment, and it showed in its catalog.
However, and despite being less powerful regarding Dreamcast and Xbox, which was the upper hand Playstation 2 was, and it made could leave their etiquera of adult console to become an all-terrain platform in the everything, anything was possible. It ended up taking with Resident Evil 4, Farenheit, Enter the Matrix, Final Fantasy and a whole range of games of its own, which, thanks to its sales eventually convince third parties that Playstation 2 was the future.

Power and abilityThe new generation, with SEGA and withdrawal, personality become more tenuous as Sony and Microsoft was concerned. While Nintendo was struggling to remember the face of his father with a Wii that promised to revolutionize the market without success and a Nintendo DS to be displayed as your life, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 is displayed as two sides of the same coin .. . from both sides, with a more than tenuous difference in personality.While it is true that Playstation 3 soon get a running start because of his ridiculous price, soon the only difference in the personality of the consoles was found more in the game of his own creation in its handling of games and modify its contents. The old days when companies had to launch different on different platforms or censored games were gone, and the thing came down to how the games were running on different platforms and, as mentioned, its own production.

Xbox 360 knew love the audience with Gears of War, surprised with Crackdown who failed to maintain and helped produce the controversial Alan Wake, a masterpiece for many among whom I include myself and a disappointment to others. He also had his naive games court as Viva PiƱata and tried a rare thing with Kameo: Elements of Power who failed launch of curiosity.

Playstation 3, meanwhile, remained half with Resistance, although he knew a great quick fix inFAMOUS and the birth of a milestone in its brand: God of War. MAG and Killzone remained half, but managed to grab a few Yakuza not just out on time and, when it was consolidating, Naughty Dog gave a special value to the Uncharted saga and success known as The Last of Us. Of course she not missed her children play, this time run by the hand of Media Molecule LittleBigPlanet.


Modern times

And so to the present generation, a generation in which the few differences that might exist between Playstation 4 and Xbox One has been smoothed by the public itself and that, again, depends only on the first ecluses and parties of the distints companies.

However, with Sony and Microsoft occupy consolero profile player with a personality that is intended more adult than ever and approaches of users and PC compatible, we have a Nintendo still struggling to keep his philosophy of the game and the emergence of new platforms on which different profiles and audiences disntintos occur.

New personalities are born with mobile devices and tablets. The freemium, the concept of game short game, dungeons procedural creation and the new name of casual game have an audience that until now had not been interested in video games and now seems to be being attracted to this way to hang which serves letter of a much deeper love.

And, certainly, the video game world still has much to evolve. There will always be individuals in the gaming platforms as a result of the need to give to different audiences the products they want, and these figures continue to increase as further increase the way they play and enjoy our hobby. In a time when virtual reality is getting closer and seen the success of mobile gaming, it seems that much remains to grow and learn in this industry.

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