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Let’s Just Bathe in the Stuff Shall We?

Will we ever escape the legacy of responsibility for environmental disasters while mixing the very fabric of our societies built-up existence on oiled waters? From the barrels that drain into our waterways on every parking lot across America, to the

Gulfs greasy sheen, we are intertwined with oil as closely as a newly encoded part of our DNA.  We are unwittingly using this dependence on oil to mainline our very veins in a mad rush towards  “De-evolution”. This is truly a sad chapter for so-called humanity and the rich biological diversity of the Gulf Coast States.

The current oil slicks are headed to a region far superior in biodiversity than that of  Prince William Sound, ground zero of the countries worst oil spill. The timing of this catastrophe could not be worse, as spring migrants all along the gulf coast’ s land sea and fresh water are returning to rear the next generation of sea turtles, whales,

shrimp, oysters and lest not forget hundreds of species of birds, reptiles and amphibians. We Americans are all connected and reliant on this complicated web of life. A planetary bio-nursery drowned under a geyser of suffocating toxins which will poison life in all its forms for seemingly time immemorial.

Beyond human comprehension I say. That is where this disaster is going to take us, which will in all likelihood include oil soaked beaches on European shores, thanks to the Gulf Stream.  And deservedly so, as we all share in the burdens of reliance on oil.  God Damn the Human Race.

Oil Spill in Gulf

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